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Trim time and controlling overpopulation again! :)

Prices do NOT include shipping. Combined shipping can be done however!

15 stems of Myriophyllum matogrossense (4 inches or longer) - $10
10 stems of Myriophyllum Matogrossense (4 inches or longer) - $7.50

Special Offer: 20 stems of Myriophyllum Matogrossense (4 inches or longer) - $17 shipped *PLUS OPTIONAL* 1 stem of Myriophyllum Tuberculatum (Red Plant)

Endler Fry - $1 each
Their parents come from peacocks, flame tails, double swords, single swords and wild types. The fry will be at random.

Asolene Spixi Snails (Baby) - $2 each for babies. Around the size of a bb to a pea.
Asolene Spixi Snails (Juvie/Adult) - $4 each. They're almost, if not already, sexually mature at this point in age. They're about the size of a nickel or larger. I can ONLY sell these snails to people in California. Sorry!

Duckweed/Frogbit scoops - $2 each
You will get a mix of both

I also have a small electric yellow cichlid if anyone wants it for free. He/She is approx. an inch and a half (maybe smaller). There is only one, so act fast. He's free to anyone ordering plants/fish from me. You can also claim him if you pay shipping ($6 if you just want the cichlid).

Now for shipping fees-
Here's how it will go, I will use 7 by 7 by 6 boxes, shipping will depend on weight.
$6 if your order only consist of plants.
$6 if your order only consists of endlers.
$6 if your order only consists of spixis.

Combining plants, endlers and/or spixis together will increase shipping to $8 due to increased weight from water.

Will trade for Anubias Petites. I'm looking for around 5 pcs. Also looking for a baseball portion or more of either taiwan or xmas moss. I'd like it to be PURE taiwan or PURE xmas, I don't want a tangled mixture of various mosses. I'm trying to make a moss wall for a new tank :) And finally, I'm searching for Clithon Coronas. I am willing to pay the cash difference if required.

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.
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