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FS/FT: Red Melon Swords & Dwarf Sag.*SOLD*

Update : *Sale Pending*

Did a big pruning. This is the result.
3 Red Melon Swords (2 Large, 1 small) (may just be a plain Melon Sword, bought it labeled as Red Melon Sword. New leaves are red and turn green)
lots of Sagittaria subulata (Dwarf Sagittaria)

Asking $2 for each Sword
$4 for all the Dwarf Sagittaria
If these prices seem unreasonable we can work something out. :)
If offering trade, I'm really looking for some Hygrophila Polysperma. 'Sunset' would be nice, but any of them.
Shipping should be $7.96 up to 2lbs. $4.80 up to 1lb. (based on single order)

These all came from a NPT style aquarium.

The link to my flickr in my sig will take you to the pictures.

I'm a little pressed for time on this posting so I'm doing it quick.

Thanks for looking!! :D
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