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'Micro' Chain Sword: 12+ plants $9 - MANY packs available (10?). Or 3 packs for $25 Purchased as Echinodorus tennellus 'micro' back in the day...I believe all of the runner-swords are no longer Echindorus genus, but now Helanthium genus (so, this is a variety of Helanthium tenellum, I presume). It is a somewhat rare variant of what is commonly sold in the U.S. as Echinodorus tennellus, aka "Pygmy Chain Sword." It gets about 2" tall and has a nice dark green and maroon cast to it in high light. IMHO, it is a widely underused and underappreciated foreground plant (perhaps because it isn't too common). It has a different look from hairgrass, glosso, hc, etc. but still stays short.
Lobelia cardinalis 'small form' 8 plants $6 - two packs available.
Bacopa sp. 'pantanal' - all the plants I have (20?) - $7 - A nice rarer and much smaller Bacopa than the other sps. Stems are very delicate/brittle, so I'm tired of working with it and am getting rid of all mine.

Add $6 for shipping if Paypal. Add $5 if Revolution Money.
To be shipped M/Tu 30 June / 1 July.
Please PM for Paypal/Revolution Address.

Pic of the Micro Chain Sword:
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