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FS: Hemianthus callitrichoides

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I just redid my 10g and have lots of it. Lots of people emailed/pm'd me about getting some inlight of my HC bonus auctions. Rather than a few large sales of HC, I'll spread it around more reasonably

The first 10 people who reply with the phrase "There is no spoon" will get some.

I'm asking $10 including priority mail shipping payable via paypal. (sorry, no heatpacks or foam boxes...shipping to freezing places at your own risk).
Portion size is about 1.5" diameter section.

I'll ship on Tuesday morning since Monday is a holiday.

Paypal is
[email protected]
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Gomer said:
The first 10 people who reply with the phrase "There is no spoon" will get some.
Get too much sun this week Dude?
There is no spoon ?

humm. What does that mean? :p
wonder what I can get people to say the next time they want something :D

Edge, does that mean you are on the list or were asking a question?
there is no spoon...=)

I'll take some! Do you accept money order? whats your email address?
there is no spoon

Sorry, I could not resist this chance to get my hands on HC:) Plus, thats fun to reply to. i probably would not have gone for it without the "code phrase". I will Paypal you immediatly.
there is no spoon I NEED
There is no spoon. Nice matrix reference.
There is no spoon. However, I'm not sure if I have a fork or a knife for that matter. I'll take some.
There is no spoon, use a gram scale
The following people getting some:

2) Dennis *paid*
3) turtlehead
4) iris600 *paid*
5) bertH *paid*
6) thaerin *paid*
7) Ptahkeem *paid*

IF SOMEONE HAS PAID AND IT DOESN"T SAYS SO ABOVE...please post or PM me with the name on the paypal account....I'm having to try and cross reference locations and sig file names since pretty much no one posted their screen name with payment.

Sorry, paypal only on this. I need to clear it out of my tank ASAP and will not be holding any.
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sure. please empty your pm, Gomer

Ohh, sorry, I was just hopping in on the spoon bit, count me out on the purchase. Sorry for any misunderstandings
NP nathan :)

EDGE, I'll see what I can do. I had more space before with the old format LOL

iris600, paypal addy is listed in the first post

everyone on the list:
PLEASE PLEASE PAYPAL before monday 3pm PST. I will be printing out labels then.
There is no spoon!

*really really hope he's not to late*
Can you ship that to India? If yes I will take some.

turtlehead, Ptahkeem, please pay by 3pm PST via paypal. I am printing out labels then, so If I don't have payment by then, I'll consider it the same as you no longer being interested.

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