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Echinodorus Vesuvius~1 medium plant~3.00

Stringy Moss - Leptodictyum riparium~ Such a cool moss!~approx. Golf balll portion~7.00

Hygrophila sp. 'Porto Velho' ~Awesome plant, for those of you that have the hygro low grow, this one is much smaller, looks great as a foreground. 3 stems 10.00 each portion~2 portions available.

Rotala macrandra 'Narrow Leaf'~I have had this plant for a few months and it has become one of my favorite plants, easier to grow then regular macrandra and stays bright red for me. 7 stems~5.00 each portion~3 portions available

Aldrovanda vesiculosa (Carnivorous plant)~very cool~ this is a rare floater, will get a red color see link for info/photos.

Will be 1 stem approx. .5-1" stem~5.00~4 stems available

Shipping will be 6.00
Payment by paypal only if cc you pay the fees.
I will start shipping Monday a.m. if I get payment by Sunday evening.
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