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FS: L. repens, R, rotundifolia, Lindernia anagallis

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Just did a trim:

Ludwigia repens: 8 stems 4-5 in, $2.00

R rotundifolia: 15 Stems 5 to 7 in, $3.00

Lindernia anagallis: 14 stems 3 to 4 in, 2 stems for $1.00

Echinodors "Kleiner Bar" daughter plants: 1, 4in plant and 1, 2.5in plant $3.00 each.

Paypal Non CC only please PM if interested.

All plants from this tank.

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All plants sold, Thanks for looking.
i recieved the plants yesterday they are in excellent condition thanks again and merry christmass!!!
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