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Limnophila sessilflora (the plant behind the big fish) (Asian ambulia) $3 for 7 stems, each stem approx. 8-9 inches long. These grow really green and healthy

in my low light tank with DIY co2.

Hygrophila sp. 'tiger (3 stems 5-6 inches) $4

Ceratophylum demersum (hornwort) $3 You'll get plenty to start off.

Najas Grass ( guppy grass) $2. I'll put these in some water in a 4x4 poly bag.

MTS (Malaysian Trumpet Snail) 12 for $1. Size: Each snails are 1/4 of an inch long. Extras included.

Red Cherry Shrimp (Limited numbers!) $1 each. Size: around 1/4 of an inch. Smaller ones are easier to ship. Take note that the shrimps you get won't look

exactly like these. Males are lighter in color. Both sexes take a while to turn a red color depending on condition.

Shipping $6.
I can ship this coming FRIDAY. :eek: Cold packs are not available, so watch your weather!
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