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Spent the better part of the day rescaping my 55 gallon, lots of plants to offer you folks, some real nice stuff!

Cryptocoryne cordata 'Rosanervig'~amazing rare crypt, will get amazing pink veins in a leaner lower light tank, this plant is not showing much pink veigning as it was in a high light tank. AMAZING. 1 small plantlet~20.00~SOLD
Here is what it can look like

Anubias nana~about 12 plants, average about 8 leaves per plant, some more, some less, Ill include a mix of sizes. All real healthy, maybe a little green spot on some older leaves, very little if any. 3.00 each minimum order of 3 plants
Here is a photo of ones I have sold before, these plants look just like themSOLD

Anubias nana 'golden'~very interesting color!~ 2 medium plants~5-6 leaves each and 1 small plant 3-4 leaves
One of the medium plants has been cut on both ends, little green spot algae on some leaves. 15.00 for all the 'golden'~SOLD

Hygro 'Low grow'~tends to creep and send up side shoots~makes a great mid ground in medium to large tanks~ real nice plant!~8 stems~7.00 each portion~2 portions available

Blyxa aubertii~excellent background plants, tends to only grow to the top of the tank and then stops~1 large plant~4.00~Pending

Crypt parva~Cool little plant! Great foreground~3 small plants~9.00 for all~SOLD

Eriocaulaceae type 2~Will do better in soft water~Great plant, forms a nice bush~Much easier to grow then other erios.~8 stems~7.00 each portion~2 portions available~SOLD

Downoi~3 small stems and about 6 small side shoots~8.00 for all

Also you can add any of these tools to your order and shipping stays the same!

Keep your local weather in mind, dont let plants sit outside all day in a hot mailbox

Shipping is 6.00 for any of the above. All shipping to the US only

Payment by paypal ONLY, if credit card you pay the fees.
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