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Tearing down three tanks, lots of stuff for sale (don't worry, not leaving hobby)!

Microsorum pteropus 'Needle Leaf' ~ True Needle Leaf Java Fern / Dwarf Narrow Leaf Java Fern (see below for detailed explanation) - 1"+ clump - $5/ea. or 6 for $25 - 30 available
Anubias barteri 'petite' - $3 per plant - 5 more available - SOLD
Anubias barteri 'nana' - $2 per small plant (3 available) - SOLD
Blyxa japonica - 8+ plants - $6 - 1 available - PENDING
Hygrophila corymbosa 'angustifolia' - 4+ stems - $3 - 1 available
Echinodorus tennellus - Big handful (half of what's pictured below) - $5 - SOLD
Eleocharis parvula - 1x1 patch. $3 - SOLD

From 10g: (See final pic)
Microsorum pteropus 'Windelov' - all pictured - $7
Crypt. retrospiralis - $3 - 2 available PENDING
Crypt. wendtii, browns and greens - all pictured - $10 - SOLD
Val. spiralis / Corkscrew Val 3/$1 - at least 20 available - SOLD

Payment is via Paypal or RevolutionMoneyExchange only. Add $6 for shipping any amount of the above if using Paypal, $5 if using Revolution. Use this link to sign up for Revolution and shipping is free. I'll ship today, tomorrow, or Wednesday. Please PM me with questions and/or for payment address. I'm also willing to work out a trade for a 70w Sunpod if anyone has one.

There's been a lot of debate lately about what Narrow vs. Needle Leaf Java means and such (see here for example). I've got a bunch of what was sold to me a few years ago as "Needle Leaf Java Fern" and I'm sticking with that. It is much thinner/narrow/needle/whatever than normal java fern, and stay short, as in 3-4." It seems to be pretty rare in the hobby, hardly ever see it for sale.

20L showing Needle Leaf Java

Needle Leaf Java (driftwood not for sale)

Anubias (left: nana, right: petite)

Hygro & E. tennellus

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