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FS; Mosses & S. Subulata

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Up for grabs;
ADA (Aqua Design Amano) Nature Aquarium Goods-Hand blown Glass CO2 Beetle Counter- Mint in box-never used-everything is still sealed in the plastic bags inside the box! Original price tag still on box $174.99-Make me an offer!!

Spiky Moss- Nice 3" x 3" portion-2 available-$3.99 ea.

Subwassertang (AKA Round Pellia, Freshwater Sea Kelp, Loma Fern,)
4" x 4" $4.99 ea. As much as you want!

Triangle Moss- Rare in the US. I do not know the proper ID-this was sold to me with this name. It grows very compact with tiny pine-like 'boughs' that turn up on the points, and is 'fluffier' than most other similar mosses. Quick growing and NEVER gets stringy and long. 5" x 3" aluminum mesh plate-1 available-$30. 4" x 4" aluminum mesh plate-1 available-$20

Large Riccia Fluitans 5" x 3" tied on aluminum mesh plate-Great for bending around UGF lift tubes to hide them! Or you can mold them around branches and rocks, or lay them on your substrate to create a nice green carpet! $4.99 ea.SOLD OUT

Dwarf Riccia Fluitans -smaller form, (may be intermediate form of Riccia as I also have a third type which grows even smaller)-5" x 3" tied on aluminum mesh plate, (can also be used in the above described decorative manner) $4.99 ea. SOLD OUT

Microsorium Pteropus 'Windelov'- LARGE mat approx. 8" in dia., 6" tall fronds, thick growth with at least 20 rhizomes. Approx 4 available this size. $14.99 ea.

Riccardia Chamedryfolia (AKA Mini Pellia, Coral Moss) Large mat approx 4" x 4" x 1" thick-(tall). Very nice sized 1 year old growth, can be tied on driftwood or rock. $25 only one available. SOLD OUT

Fontinalis Antipyretica (AKA Willow Moss) Large portion approx 5" x 5". $4.99SOLD OUT

Sagittaria Subulata- Plants offered have leaves anywhere from 5" to 12" tall, well rooted, at least 100 to offer, .75 ea, 10 or more .50 ea.

Small (4" long leaves) fully rooted Kliener Bar Sword, Beautiful wide rounded red leaves! $3.50-1 available.

Shipping is a flat rate of $5 USPS Priority with confirmation delivery. If you would like to see photos of any of the actual auction plants, just send me your email address and Ill send them off to you! Thanks for looking and Happy Holidaze!!
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Hi Steven, I just received the Mini Pellia and it was not what we agreed on I will PM you to see if there was a mistake.
Hello fellow members,

The seller told me my package was mixed up with another buyers and so I was sent much smaller patch of mini pellia instead of what is described above.

4" x 4" x 1" thick-(tall). Very nice sized 1 year old growth,
$25 only one available. SOLD OUT
Please let me know if you were sent the pellia described above, I am willing to buy some of it from you as the pellia I received is not what was described or pictured.
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