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FS: Mostly common stuff, but sunset as well.

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The northern Virginia water seems to really agree with my plants. I hate throwing stuff out and have a ton of the following:

Water naiad
Jungle vals (young plants from runners and larger ones)
Hornwort (not rooted)
Java ferns
Java moss

I also have a limited amount of sunset hygro.

I ship USPS Priority (with heat if needed). Cost = shipping + $3 (no matter how much you want ;) )
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Wow, lots of interest already! Sold!

(other than the naid and hornwort, I'm guessing those are pretty easy to find for most people, but its still here)
Ok, I have more ready to go:

Sunset (stems average 4 inches, but are leafy and rooted)
Egeria (average around 6 inches, some branches. Rooted to the extent that Egeria does)
Jungle vals (most I have to sell are in the 6-8 inch around 4 leaf range but I have a few big ones I can throw in)
Hornwort (tons of it)
Water naiad (tons of it)
java ferns (eveything ranging from adult clumps to seedlings)

As much of the above you want for $15.00, USPS priority mail. I'll send them in groups of 5 stems or the equivalent (for highly branched Egeria or java fern clumps). For all you sunset fans I have a total of 3 sets to sell.

Will mail them on Saturday the 14th
Nobody? Hmm, this was much more popular 2 weeks ago.
I'd be interested in a few of the plants - sending a PM in a minute. :)
Deal in progress
Time for another thinning round! Typically, I always have:

Water naiad
Egeria (the smaller leaved and the big fleshy leaved)

Right now I have an overabundance of jungle vals. I have everything from big 30 inch long ones with tons of leaves to little 4 inch ones. I haven't uprooted them all to move around lately but I likely don't have more than 5 extra of the really big ones. Tons of little ones.

I might have enough sunset by next weekend to send.

I'll send on April 4. Let me know how many vals you want and anything else (please don't message me "whatever you have") I'll wait a few days to see how many requests I get to divide up plants.
This weeks crop of sunset and Egeria spoken for.

I forgot to mention, I also have java ferns and java moss!
Lots of everything but sunset and egeria left!
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