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Plants are in tank until day of shipping.
Shipping from Buffalo, NY area to lower 48 states only.
I will ship usps priority for $7.50. In a styro lined box; The styro is thick, but watch your weather. Not responsible for melted plants. PM me about ice pack if you are in a warmer climate.

I will ship Mon to Thurs only.

Plant Package is
10 - 20 10"+ stems Limnophilia aromatica
15+ 10"+ stema Rotala rotundafolio
15 - 20 various sized, rooted Echinodorus vesuvius
+ extras (usually assorted crypts,or floaters, or vals or swords ) <- my pick, whatever I am thinning out
Package cost $25.00 Paypal, prefer non-CC transaction.:D

Private message me if you are interested, and I will send you my Paypal address.
Note: this is a moving sale

All plants will come from this tank.

Photos of actual plants:

Limnophilia aromatica - you get it all!

Echinodorus vesuvius is in there somewhere along with Rotala rotundafolia

this is the box i will ship in
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