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Hello everyone --

Well, it's about that time again. The plants just keep growing and growing and I need to trim and thin it out a little.

Selling the following plant package (several available):

marselia minuta ... 8-10 plantlets
blyxa japonica ... 5 plantlets
echinodorus tennelus 'narrow leaf' ... 8-10 plantlets
xmas moss ... golf ball-sized
rotala macandra 'green' ... 5 stems

$22 shipped

PM if interested. Paypal preferred.
I will ship early in the week (Mon or Tues) and will PM you when it goes out.

If you need a picture to see what the plant will look like, they all are in my tank journal (sig), although they are much more grown out now.

Thanks for looking!

(I'm also selling mats of riccia -- see my other post in S&S)

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