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I have some plants for sale~~

Crypt beckettii 'petchii' - $3.50 ea. (8 avail) or take all 8 for $20
Good sized plants with multiple leaves. I bought a wee bit too many, so I need to clear some out.

Najas sp. Roraima - $5 per portion (each portion comes with 2 stems with multiple nodes) 3 portions available
Very unique plant in my opinion! Easy to care for but will require good lighting to achieve red colors.

Rotala Verticillaris - $1 per stem (6 available) or take all 6 for $5
Nice rotala to bunch up, will achieve golden tops when healthy and happy.

Echinodorus Quadricostatus - $2.50 per plantlet
These are runner plants and still young and cute. I use it as a foreground but can also be used as a midground plant for smaller tanks.

Trash plants:
Hornwort - a handful for $3 (3+ long stems)
I use this to suck nitrates out of tanks. Sucked a weeeee bit too much so it overgrew... If you're into low-techs and just want to eliminate nitrates, this is the plant for you!

Shipping is $6
I have NO HEAT PACKS. Please be warned! I am located in California so take that into account when ordering plants.
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