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FS: Poaceae 'Purple Bamboo', Lamiceae Sp., Murdannia Sp. 'red', Arthaxon Sp. Malaysia

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I have these plants FS:

1 package 4 Stems Poaceae Purple bamboo - $8
1 package of 8 stems Murdania Sp. Red - $4
2 package of 3 stems Lamiceae Sp. (previously known as Hemigraphis Traian) - $6 per package
2 packages of 15 stems Arthaxon Sp. Malaysia - $6 per package
2 packages of 8 stems Ammania Sp. Bonsai - $4 per package

Shipping is $6 USPS priority mail,

Take em all for $32 shipped and will add a golf ball size of Fissidens Sp.

Pictures :

Lamiceae Sp.

Ammania Sp. Bonsai

Arthaxon (bushy bamboo looking plant far right) and Murdania Sp. Red (pink plant top left of Arthaxon)
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Must... resist.... can't.

Dang, man, you have like 60% of the plants I need for a rescape, lol.

pm sent.
PM'd you in case Ingg didn't take all of the plants......
Heh, it is my 180g I'm rescaping, sorry to say I hopefully did take the entire package. ;)
You are both pigs!:blabla: You with your giguntis tanks! jk :rolleyes: I already have those. :D
Not a pig, more like a glutton for punishment.

Packing stems into a 180g - I gotta be insane.... it'll be fun to try and make the scape that is in my head though, even if I'm going to get sick of trimming it by this fall, lol.
Ingg - I'm pretty sure your trimmings trash can is at my house. Yes, I saw it today. :D
Ingg-if you are complaining, then I'll take the package off of your hands! :D I have a 200gallon to fill....
I would like a package of purple bamboo and a package of ammania sp bonsai. do you have them left?
Out of the ordinary for me tp bump for a plug....

But holy cow, what an out of the ordinary package of plants!

Absolutely stunning growth, probably the best buy I've made on the SnS here.

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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