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FS: Rare plants (Again)

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Rotala sp. Araguaia - $5 ea.
One of my favorite Rotala plant and one of the rarer ones in the hobby. It gets a pink/red top and green lower levels. New leaves come out as yellow first, then change to pink/red over time. Check out the pics :)
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Rotala Verticillaris - $1.50 ea or 4 stems for $5
Uncommon rotala sp. Somewhat of a fast grower, propagates through sideshoots. The top turns into a golden yellow as it gets closer to the light.
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Najas sp. Roraima - $5 per stem
Fragile plant, similar to guppy grass. However, much rarer and looks a lot better! It has a rough texture to it and can get red. The najas I have are mostly green with some red at the heart of each node. It's a fast grower, depending on your lighting. You can either float the stem and wait for it to grow or attempt to plant it right away. Just be careful when planting, it is very fragile. The picture of this najas is a bit old, they've gotten redder at the heart of each node now.
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These images are the actual plants that I keep, not something I took from others.
I will be adding more types of plants in this thread eventually. So stay tuned!
Quantities are limited!
Shipping is $6.
If your order is $22 or more, I will split shipping with you. Thus making your shipping fee only $3.
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You have a pm for the Rotala sp. Araguaia
Replied PMs~

I'll have new plants avail later tonight or tomorrow. Stay tuned :)
Rotala sp. araguaia sold out for now! Will have more in the future :)
Eriocaulon sp. Mini - $25 ea
The minis I will be selling are more mature specimens. About 3-4 inches in diameter and have grown beautifully. Its leaf color is lighter than other spikey erios. The image below is a semi-old picture of the erio you will be getting. The one in the image is a tad smaller. The ones being shipped to you should be ready to start propagating, if given the right conditions. I once had 3 plants stuck to one root system before. I didn't really want to pull them off each other because it looked really cool :-(... It's a shame I didn't take a picture of it before I tore them apart from each other.
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Pellia baggie thing - $5
Overtime, my pellia has thrown off little portions around my tank and I tend to ignore those fallen pieces. It has now overgrown too much and I need to get rid of them. There's some java moss tangled up with the pellia, though I don't think it's too hard for you to take it apart. I just don't want to bother. This portion will be at the very least a little bigger than a golfball. Only one portion avail, since I want to make one sweep in the tank and just stuff it all into a bag. I don't want to separate and stuff, too much trouble.
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