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FS: Rotala Macranda, Rotala Green, Bacopa, Willow Leaf Hygro

Shipping is $5 regardless of quantity for plants. I do have heatpacks if you think they are necessary for an additional $3. The stems will be good sized (most around 5-7 inches). Some of the plants, particularly the Green Rotala are extremely branchy. While I may count some branchy ones as more then one stem I guarantee you won't be disappointed in the quantity. Check my feedback :). I also have Wild Type Neocaridina's and Red Cherry Shrimp available that can be combined with plant orders (prices based on quantity, see my website The Shrimp Tank)

$5 for 5 stems

ROTALA SP. 'GREEN' $5 for 15 stems

BACOPA MONNIERI $5 for 6 stems

Downoi - Sold

Willow Leaf Hygro [/B] $5 for 5 stems
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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