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Fs: Seachem Ferts!!!!! Cheap!!!!

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I am getting rid of ALL my ferts as the new baby is taking up most of my time. I hope to get back into plants in the NEAR future. Please keep me in mind as I will be selling MANY plant related items; CO2 tanks, regulators, SS tools, EHEIM filters, many LIGHTS, (PC and Floros for ALL size tanks etc...)

Right now I have for sale;

3 - 4 liter Seachem Nitrogen - Paid 60.00 each - asking 40.00 each and actual shipping cost...

4 - 2 liter Seachem Potassium - Paid 25.00 each - asking 15.00 each and actual shipping cost...

Buy ALL at once for $180.00 and I will ship for $20.00 as I KNOW I willl LOOSE money on shipping over 25lbs in a large box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHAT A DEAL!!!!!!!

Will break up IF I dont get a response by tomorrow.

Hate to do this but family first as is in my signature....check my feedback IF there is ANY hesitation...
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WOW!!! Would have thought this would have been gone by now...
You guys drive a hard bargain....$140 and that will INCLUDE shipping....
No One????!!!!
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