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FS: Snowball and Tiger Shrimp - cheapish

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My two shrimp tanks are getting overrun with inverts, so it's time for a price drop on these beasties!!!

Tigers, 10(+1) for $30. Add $8 for USPS Priority shipping. 2 available.
Snowballs, 10(+1) for $20. Add $8 for USPS Priority shipping. 4 available.
PM me for a price quote if you want >10 shrimp or >1 species.

No DOA guarantee. The (+1) covers a single death and helps you offset the shipping cost. If >1 DOA, I'll need a clear pic of the dead shrimp in the bag within 2 hours and you can either receive a refund for the price of the dead shrimp or receive replacement(s) (you cover shipping costs).

Payment is via Paypal, Revolution Money Exchange, check or money order.
Please PM if interested and for payment information. I will ship Saturday if payment is electronic, and upon receipt of payment otherwise.

Pics of soma the mamas:

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All PM's responded to. 1x Tiger and 3x Snowballs pending leaving 1 and 1 still available.
I seriously underestimated the quantities that I have. There are many more Tigers and Snowballs available at these prices....Thanks for looking!
10(+1) Snowballs and 10(+1) Tigers still available. Get both for $61 shipped!!!
Still enough of each for a few packages if anyone is interested. I'm also open to trades, especially for aquasoil.
Heads up: I'm going to be requesting a rather large order from you in about a month... You know I'm good on my word!
Hey Joel,

Having never bought shrimp though the mail, I'm wondering what kind of success rate to expect during these cold snaps we're having (near 30 degrees). Am I better off to wait until warmer weather? Our LFS hasn't had them since we cleaned out their last tank, and my wife and kids really want "more tigers!"

.....I kinda like 'em, too....8)
Your lucky your LFS even has Tigers. Mine gets cherries in occassionaly...for $7.99 each!?!?!

On to your question: shrimp are a lot more tolerant of low temperatures than high. I ship in insulated boxes and offer live arrival guarantee. Perhaps I should look into 48hr. heatpacks, but I've had no issues (i.e. no deaths) without them so far. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, & knock on wood! :)

You're right, I am lucky to have such nice fish stores in the greater DC/Baltimore region. It seems they have hit hard times as of late, though. I desperately want to support them, but they have stopped ordering a lot of the items I crave. They don't do special orders either.

Sending you a PM.....
I don't understand the question.

I meant exactly what I said. There is a no dead on arrival guarantee. There is no ambiguity-scope problem with the negation in that context - think carefully about what DOA means.
I'm not trying to be a smart butt, BUT earlier you say you have no DOA guarantee other than including one extra shrimp, and then here you say you guarantee live arrival. That seems like a contridiction to me. I'm looking for some tiger shrimp, but I would like to know what your guarantee is.
Again, read more carefully, and understand what the words mean - That is, I said that there was a no DOA guarantee: I guarantee that shrimp will not arrive dead (no DOA). This is the same thing as offering a live arrival guarantee.

Would you like a DOA guarantee? I could arrange that too - I can make them good and dead - so, dead I'll guarantee it - would you prefer the shrimp boiled or sauted before I ship them?
LOL.. ok, I totally misread it! I have never seen it written that way by anyone else! You didn't say "a no DOA gurantee", you said "No DOA guarantee" It must be a southern english translation! :rolleyes:
I've sold lots of shrimp with that exact language and you're the first to misread it. I'm from Northeast Ohio, so I don't know what you mean by "southern english translation," and if I were, I don't think I'd appreciate the insinuation.
Would either interbreed with cherry red shrimp, and taking care of both of them the same as with CRS?
Snowballs could interbreed with cherries, but Tigers will not.
Snowballs are as easy to care for as cherries.

Tigers supposedly need low pH. I haven't found that to be the case myself (7pH 5kh). I've never raised CRS, so I can't make that comparison.
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