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Hi All,

Time for another trimming in my tank(s). I have a ton of Rotala sp. green for sale as well as some Rotala sp. colorata. In addition to the two Rotala species, I also have some Alternathera reineckii (not sure which variant I picked up form the LFS) to prune.

20 stems Rotala sp. green - $5 (4-5 packages)
10 Stems Rotala sp. colorata - $5 (2 packages)
3 stems A. reineckii - $3 (1 package)
10 stems of Ludwigia arcuata - $5 (1 package)

I also have quite a bit of Anubias barteri var. barteri and several Anubias barter var. nana for sale. These are large healthy plants that have been growing gangbusters in my tanks. I also have some narrow leaf java fern plantlets and some Crypt. wendtii for sale as well.

$5/plant for either the barteri or nana.
bunch of wendtii - 5-6 plants ($3.50)
Sandwich bag full of java fern ($3)

PM me for details.

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