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FS: Stems plants & snails

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25 stems or more of Hygrophila corymbosa (below is a picture of the tops) $3 for 5 stems

I have a plant that I'm not sure what it's called but I'll have about 5 stems of that available (below is a picture) $2 for all 5 stems

Also 3 golf ball size clumps of Java moss available $2 per clump

I also have MTS and Rams horn snails available too. Those will be $2 for a lot of 20 each and will come with a little java moss.

Shipping costs will vary depending on amounts of plants wanted. Please let me know what your interested in and I'll give you a shipping quote using USPS priority mail, no cooling packs included so keep your weather in mind.

Thanks for looking!
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Prices dropped for quick move! Come on people these gotta go or they will hit the trash, I have nowhere to put them!

Oh and Paypal (including cc) and money order payments accepted!
Could you post a better picture of the mystery plant? It looks like it could be Rotala Macranda 'Green'
Yeah it's not that. The leaves are broader. I'll look for other pictures right now.

That's the best I could do, cropping it out of a picture. I can try and get a better one when I go home for lunch.
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Oh well that makes it look like Hygrophilia Polysperma 'Green'
Golf ball size when it's out of the water.
pm sent
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