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My tank is over populated with Tangerine Tigers so it's time to let go some of them... Size varies from juvie to adult, no pee-wee size, but if you get smaller than that they're not counted... My params is 6.4PH (gassed with CO2), 180-230 TDS, 2KH, and 5-7GH and they live with my Fire Red Neos...


Prices for packages are as follow, USPS Priority shipping included, Continental US only...
12+2 = $43
24+2 = $73
36+2 = $95
More than 36, send me a PM

Extras (+2) posted is to cover first 2 DOA and if there's more than what's covered, I will provide refund for each, shipping is non refundable... My only request is to send me a clear picture of the dead shrimps still in bag (that I tied) within 1 hour of delivery... I am not responsible for any courier delays/mishaps... Mind your weather, if you need to hold at your local PO, please do so...

Paypal/Venmo/Zelle payment accepted... Any questions, send me a PM...

Thanks for looking!
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