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My shrimp tank is getting overrun again...

Tigers, 10(+1) for $30.
Snowballs, 10(+1) for $20.
PM me for a price quote if you want >10 shrimp or >1 species.
Shipping is $11 and includes a 40 hour heatpack and insulation.

Payment via Paypal, Revolution Money Exchange, check or money order.
Please PM if interested and for payment information.

Guaranteed against dead arrival. The (+1) covers a single death and helps you offset the shipping cost. If >1 DOA, I'll need a clear pic of the dead shrimp in the bag within 2 hours and you can either receive a refund for the price of the dead shrimp or receive replacement(s) (you cover shipping costs).

Pics of soma the mamas:

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