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FS: Tweezers and scissors NICE!

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I've search long and hard to find the perfect tweezers and scissors, and I found them! Thought Id share them with you all. These are brand new tools, never touched water.

The tweezers are perfect, long and slender tip that gives you precision and doesn't disturb much substrate while planting. Makes planting HC and other fine stems much easier! These are 12" both straight tip and curved

The scissors are also very nice, they are short so they are perfect for getting it tight spots, and the best for nano tanks. They are 3.5"
This pair is similar to the ADA nude scissor, they are double bent so its easy to get at a good angle. The extra curve of the scissors allows you to get nice angles for pruning and shaping stem plants to a nice bush. Also good for trimming foreground plants

The last pair are nice curved scissor, great for tight spots and nano tanks as well. These are 4.5"~SOLD

The size for all of the tools

Tweezers are 11.00 each~either curved or straight~I have 1 curved and 1 straight

3.5~double curve~7.50~Only have 1 for sale

4.5~curved~6.00~Only 1 for sale~SOLD

Payment by paypal, if credit card you pay the fees
Shipping is 6.00 by priority, I dont have any other shipping supplies, first class would be about the same after I go buy padded envelops to ship them.
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I'll take both types of tweezers and the longer Scissors.

1 pair of the bent and 1 pair of the straight tweezers left

1~3.5" scissor left
Tools are sold out I believe, if not Ill update the thread
If more folks are interested in these tools PM me. Hopefully the store will restock and Ill clean them out again! They also have about 6" curved and 6" straight tweezers if you are looking for shorter ones.

PM if you are interested in any tweezers or scissors, I cant find good long scissors. Let me know
These are very nice tweezers...very easy to plant small delicate plants.
Good to hear Roy, I told you they were nice! Funny how a very simple tool makes things so much easier. Haven't made it back to the store yet, hopefully soon though
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