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FS: UG, HC, Anubias tank breakdown

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Will be breaking down my tank soon and would like to unload alot of these plants before then.

Anubias nana: $60, 75-100 leaves with a footprint of about 1'x1'
UG: $18 per 2x2, 10 avail
HC: $8 per 2x2, 2 avail

Shipping is $6, except for the nana, which would probably be Flat rate shipping which is about $14 i think

The tank is a 120-P to reference size.
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pm tried to be sent for flame moss, your box is full
I cant pass this deal up, even though I'm trying to save my money, it's too good a deal. Gah! lol
ill take some moss too if you still got some
pm replied to. randall if i have more ill let you know
thanks! bump bump. lots of UG left. It makes a very nice lush carpet.
HEy Boink got mine in great shape, do you still have any left (UG)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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