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My crop of UG is coming in nicely so it's time to sell.

UG is very healthy and has been established in a few of my tanks for a year now. UG is fairly fragile and for me took a long time to establish. For the first month or two that i had it there wasn't much new growth, but after that it quickly took off. Forms a really lush lawn that is really really thick. As far as I know it does not eat fish or shrimp. I've kept shrimp with UG and their population still booms, plus the bladders grow in the substrate with the roots. Stays low with trimming.

2"x2" solid mat for $15
Shipping via priority $6
non cc paypal only.

Also have HC submersed
3"x4" solid mat $12 SOLD

Have 1 portion of HC and about 4 portions of UG available.

Will ship out on Tuesday.

Be aware of weather conditions in your area.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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