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I have 4 pieces of weathered wood that I am offering for sale.

A-C are French Lilac (Syringa vulgaris). The twists in these are great and would look good lying down or vertical as roots hanging into the water in larger tanks.

D appears to be a maple. This piece is more plain, but does have a slight curve, tapered split, and a knot hole.

Own trees and pesticide free. The Syringa pieces are from a yard tree and D is a woodland collected piece.

3 yrs since cut

They have all been in a 100 gal outdoor tank for the past 3 yrs except during freezing weather. They were out of the tank during winter. They all currently sink and have not had any adverse affects on live lilies, variegated cattail, snails, or cull guppies.

As always, boil before using and test it in a spare tank/tub for any remaining tannins that may color the water.

All have some hair algae on them from being outdoors, but they should be boiled anyway.

I am asking $12 ea + shipping.

If interested, message me with your zip and I'll get a shipping estimate to you.
Bye for now,

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