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So I am very seriously considering selling off all of my high-tech planted aquarium equipment. I just don't have the time to care for it, and I'm sick of all the algae I keep getting when my fert dosing gets off.

So here's what it would be:

1 24" 55 watt power compact light fixture w/8000k bulb, found here:
This fixture is great, in a 15 gal long like mine, will give you 3.7 WPG, in a standard 20H (same footprint) you'll get 2.8WPG. Good for growing a big variety of plants.
Asking $75.

1 Red Sea CO2 CO2 Pro System:
I added 2 brass check valves and an inline needle valve from, the valves were something like $9 for the checks and $21 for the needle valve. I can also include 2 CO2 tanks, one full, one empty.
Asking $130.

Dry ferts(all macros) + nearly full bottle of Seachem's Flourish. I'll throw these in for $5.

ENTIRE PACKAGE: Asking $200+shipping.

I paid a LOT more for all of this stuff. Would anyone be interested in buying it?
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