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Do not use teflon tape! The tape, no matter how careful you are, will get into the regulator and become very annoying. The washer you have/were give is all that you need. Also, you should not have to tighten it like superman to not have leakes. Have you tested your connections with soapy water. Possibly it is coming from a place you are not expecting. Gas leaks can be hard to pinpoint by sound or feel. Spraying, brushing on soapy water should show you the exact spot immediatly. Is there a chance it is comming for the regulator itself and not the compression fitting where it attaches to the tank. Possibly there is some dirt or other gunk keeping you from getting a good seal. You should remove any teflon tape before the regulator very thouroghly and try again. Turn your washer over as possibly there is a crease or something you have not noticed.

Let us know what you find.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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