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They look as if they are Blackworms. It is possible they are something else. I fed Blackworms a long time ago and the worms that did not get eaten would infest the gravel.

Cories are scavengers but they are serious predators. Cats get extremely animated when they are finding worms in the substrate, I would expect that a group of Cories would make short work of the worms, if they can reach them. And yes they can accomodate the size. It will not be unusual for anything eaten, including worms, to be protruding from the fishes mouth until it can be gotten into the fish. Tails and other parts of foods are normal things to be observed sticking out of mouths on a regular basis.

If the worms are not causing any problems just observe them. The worms are just another creature trying to get along the best way they can.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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