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Getting started - NPT ponds

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I'm planning to keep a pair of tub-ponds on our front patio. I need to stock with fish pretty much straight away because we live in an area where mosquito-borne diseases are rife. I plan to put some Blue-eyes in one and a fancy goldfish in the other (or maybe WCMMs).

I would like to have a try at NPT so I don't need any electricity. The patio has no roof but is shaded by shadecloth and some lovely trees - sunlight will always be filtered.

I've found some nice sized black plastic tubs at the hardware. Are there any problems using these I should be aware of - leeching colour, etc?

My current thoughts on plants are some java fern, anubias and moss, & perhaps some floating plants. I'd also like to try some potted plants rather than putting soil/substrate on the floor of the tubs. Dwarf papyrus would be nice and I would also like to grow some crypts and swords to supply my fish tanks at a later stage.

I feel a little bit lost as to where to start.:confused: I know I need the fish straight up, so I guess that means I need to add something fast-growing straight away too. If I bought the dwarf papyrus from the nursery how should I prepare the pots keeping in mind that I don't want ammonia leeching out and poisoning the fish?

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I've never heard of the the plastic/hard rubber type pots leaking any color or harmful chemicals, I would think you should be safe.

I would put some fast growers in the pots. Those will keep the water quality good, better than the others you have chosen. Keep the floaters too.

It sounds like your on the right track though. Keeping plants in pots and variety of fish. That's as far as I can go with advice though. Hope it all works for you. Let us know! :D

And Welcome to APC!
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