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Giesemann Powerchrome Pure Actinic

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I have two Giesemann Powerchrome Pure Actinic T5-HO (39w) bulbs that came with my Tek-Light system which I never installed. It was my impression that these bulbs were for Reef tanks and would result in bad things (A word) in a freshwater tank.

Is that correct?
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They wont do much in terms of photosynthesis for plants.
yeah... you're better off to see if you can exchange them for the mid-day or plant bulbs.
what about if one of these bulbs was used as a night light on it's own timer and switch. Would this cause problems?
i think the bulbs would be too bright for a night light. they're essentially a standard fluorescent lamp, just different light spectrum.
Ok, they don't do much for plants (photosynthesis)....but will they encourage the dreaded Algae growth? I thought I read that the blue light leads to Algae.

If I just want a "color" change because I like it, I could have 3 daylight and 1 pure actinic?
if the actinic is just purely for aesthetics, and you have sufficient "proper" lighting, i don't see a problem having it in the tank.

i'm not sure if it will encourage more algae growth than any other lamps. i highly doubt it.
Pure actinic are around 460 nm and this is just outside the range of photosynthesic activation.

I do know that if light beyond the red action spectrum actually turns off photosynthesis. I dont know if this holds true for the blue action spectrum.
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