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Glass diffuser or...

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Right now I have a very small submerged power filter (like 10gph or something) in my ten gallon as a CO2 diffuser. It has been working pretty well, solidly raising the amount of CO2 dissoved in the tank compared to other methods I have tried. However I think CO2 bubbles going into it constantly for about a month or two has impacted how well it is performing and the CO2 fills is and de-primes the filter (which means no more bubbles of CO2 getting chopped up and pH fluctuations like crazy).

Will a glass diffuser give me the same kind of results? Because essentially all the filter was doing was misting the big bubbles and it worked great. So will a glass diffuser mist the bubbles in the same manner? I can pick up two of them for like $8 on ebay so they're definitely cheap enough.
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Also, can I run a glass diffuser off or DIY?
I have several Glass diffusers running off of diy. The only problem is that it eventually builds up this gross wispy yeasty white stuff, yuck. I position my diffusers near the out of my powerheads, so they push the trail of bubbles horizontally, giving them even more surface contact time. You could also position them near the intake if you were so inclined.
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