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glosso plants

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Hi, my glosso plants that i just got today from a shipment have been grown too long to be a carpet plant. How could i make these shorter to be planted. Would i cut off the root part and let it regrow back or is there some other way.

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Welcome to the forums:) A quick google search revealed this..... A picture is worth a thousand words;)

Hey, that's a great site and I go to it often but the problem is, my glosso plants have no runners to cut and are only individual plantlets with extremely long stem and roots bunched together. This is how it came with my plant shipment and I'm not sure if I should trim the stem and the roots off and let it regrow (would that work?) or some other technique. Thanks.
It doesn't matter how they are planted, just so that they stay there and don't float up. If each plant has a little room around it, and if the light is decent, they will grow horizontally until they become really crowded.
Use something to weight that thing down and just lay it flat across the substrate. In no Time it will produce runners.
Got it right!

Hey, thanks for all the help. I finally got it right. Maybe I'll post some pics in the future when my glossos fill the space.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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