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i am not really new to the hobby or the board, but i do have a question that may be basic for most. i usually have issues with growing glosso, which i believe stems from having too many stem plants crowding the water column and only using sand, not flourite. i have had success for the most part for most plants. the tank is a 30g with about 3.3 wpg, and i fertilize regularly. i do have a diy co2 on it as well. and i have changed the substrate. the bottom layer is potting soil, with the next layer being a mixture of playground sand, gravel, and flourite.

here comes the question. i just bought some glosso today in a huge clump. i separated every stalk, and placed it into the mixture. the stalks were pretty long. will the glosso, under the right conditions, start to spread like a carpet on the substrate as opposed to standing up straight like most stem plants?

thanks in advance.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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