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hey Ricky,

This might interest you. From the APD:

Claus Christensen
<[email protected]> to aquatic-plants, grim1214
More options Nov 8
RE: Flowering Emersed Glossostigma
Dear Dave
I read that you have "Flowering Emersed Glossostigma"
I just want to bring your attention on that this flower is very special!
It has a moving part!
Touch it carefully with a toothpick, move it and you will see that there
is a "Flower leaf" moving and covering the central part of the flower!
It is an experience that not many see!

Best regards

David Grim recently posted on his flowering glosso and Claus commented on
the moving stigma found on this tiny flower.

I was actually able to capture this occurrence on video for anybody that
cares to see it. Video is about 17 seconds long and contains both full
speed and a slow motion capture of the stigma being touched and opening.
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