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Okay, I don't think I'm dumb, but I got lost...

time to find out exactly what is in Excel. I have a big bottle of it and when I get free time, I'll have to do LC-MS, organic phase GC-MS and maybe even ESI-MS.
Tony, I'd be interested in helping you figure out what's in it. I might grab a bottle sometime and run GC-FTIR-MS on it...unless you beat me to it. =P
You can try to distill it and then run GC-MS or whatever you want on the separate fractions that are collected.
Here is what I think you guys are talking about:
MS is Mass Spectrometry, not Multiple Sclerosis.

All the others, LC, GC, ESI are different methods of performing mass spectrometry?

Now I know that all of you are referring to possibly using equipment you have access to to perform this analysis, so the answer to my next question may be simply that you don't have access to this type of equipment but:

Wouldn't ion chromatography be better for determining what precisely is in Excel and the proportions in which it occurs? :confused: I'm aware that it is much more complex than simply tossing some Excel in the IC and waiting for it to spit out an analysis, but I thought that was what IC specialized in doing.
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