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glutaraldehyde instead of excel

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Hey guys

Last week I have been using glutaraldehde in place of excel.I'm using a 2.8% solution.It's suppose to be about the same as excel but alot cheaper.I paid $16.95 a gallon.

I tried it in two tanks,a 10 gal. planted and a 60gal. planted.
It had a different effect in each tank on some of the same plants.Below I'll list each tank with the dose and effect I noticed.

60gal.,192 watts,11hours lights on,co2 injected,ferts daily,plants are red tiger lotus,rotalia indica,sword,ludwigia,anubias,hair grass and crypts,34 fish.

I dosed 30ml 9/23/6 after a water change then 10ml daily.
On 9/25/6 the angelfish spawned so it seems to have no effect on the fish.
9/27/6 the sword plant started growing fast.3-4" growth of new leaves daily.this plant has not grown much in the last 3 weeks.

It's been a week so far,water is clear,plants are growing fast and the little bit of algae I had is gone.

riccia is ok.

Now for the 10gal.,30 watts 8-10 hours,no co2,ferts daily,plants are sword,red tiger lotus,ludwigia,and bolbitis,tiger barb fry,cherry shrimp and alot of hair algae.

I dosed this tank heavier to see what would happen.
5ml daily.
9/23/6 dosed at 10:00am and by 7:00pm algae shows signs of and shrimp are fine.

9/24/6 riccia is dying off.All the algae are fine.water is a little cloudy.

9/25/6 water is clear.I have a few strands of moss in this tank.I think it's java moss.It is growing very fast.

9/30/6 moss has grown around 10" this week.this moss has been in here for 8 months without much growth.The bolbitis is a little darker green and the leaves have widened.Looks healthier then it ever has.

Other than the riccia dying and the water turning cloudy one day it seems to work well.

If I notice anything else I'll add it to this post.

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I am very interested in this thread. Please post more info about how you got the Gluteraldehyde and its long term effects.
Google cache. I can't find the original thread. Or rather, haven't looked for it. :: View topic - Effects of Seachem Flourish Excel on BBA


The effects of Seachem Flourish Excel on BBA were documented with images and texts. It shows that Seachem Flourish Excel caused the BBA to turned red within 24 hours. The BBA gradually turned white over 120 Hours and disintegrate slowly thereafter.The experiment shows that Seachem Flourish Excel has successfully eliminated BBA. We would advise that Seachem Flourish Excel should not be use as a permanent way of removing BBA, as solving the root of the problem is the key to prevent future outbreak. We realised that Flourish Excel should not be used in large amount on mosses, riccia, and fissidens. It may cause them to turn brown or even kill them.

So MatPat, high doses of Excel *will* kill riccia. =)
I concur and have done this personally. It will even kill shrimp and snails if dosed too high for too long.
What I would really like to know is how to buy some of this stuff.
OK I think I messed up on my diluting amounts. I bought the 25% solution bottle, 450ml volume. I added 100ml of glut and 400ml of H2o in my bottle. I am using left over ADA dosing bottles, which should be 1ml per pump...correct? So here is what I dosed after reading Allen's posts(my own fault not mixing my bottles correctly).

20 gallon long-10 pumps=10ml
24 gallon cube-12 pumps=12ml
ADA 90p(46 gallon)-23 pumps=23ml

Can some math experts please figure how much I actually added and what sort of solution I made in these bottles? I need to know if I need to stay up doing emergency water changes? Thanks!
Well I dont know how it will turn out but the fish seem all ok. I guess I will just have to see in the morning.
Well, everything seems to be fine. Nothing died from it and all the pants are undamaged. All the nerite snials are ok too. I think I will hold off on dosing for a couple of days just to make sure. When I resume I was thinking 1ml per 5 gallon should not be excessive???
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