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Do you dose the 10 ppm NO3 weekly, or maintain 10 ppm NO3 throughout the week? If its the former, at 5 Watts per gallon you are probably using up all your nutrients in 1 or 2 days.

I dose .5 ppm Fe + traces, 1 ppm PO4 and 10 ppm NO3 (TWICE PER WEEK), and I probably only have the equivalent of 2.5 Watts/gallon.

I would strongly recommend you turn half the lights off. If you insist on the 5 W/G you need to double or even triple the nutrients, which gets very expensive. It will be much easier to grow the plants and not the algae at the 2.5 W/G.

With a KH=7 and pH=6.4, from the chart, your CO2 would be 80 ppm which would probably be lethal. Check your parameters again.

Steve Pituch
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