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the light bulb only goes so far itself.
A GREAT light bulb will be mediocre with a poor or no reflector and a descent light will be GREAT with a quality reflector.

Because T5's are smaller and that you can get GREAT high polished multi bend reflectors and also that T5 HO's are over driven, they are about the best fluorescent option going.
However, for a 20 gal tank, it would certainly be overkill unless you want a challenge or a SW reef (which many will argue could need much more light)

Also, you might have mentioned above, but I didn't catch it if you did, do you have a 20 tall or a 20 long.

IMHO coralife makes T5 NO light fixtures (24" for a 20 tall and 30" for a 20 long) and two of them over either of those tanks would be perfect.

I like them better then the coralife PC fixture for several reasons.

One is they are sleek and super low profile, you hardly notice them.
Two is they run super super cool, so heat is not much of an issue.
Three is the color. They come with one 6700K (or 6500k, not quite sure) bulb and one Pink bulb (don't remember the K rating, might be around 8000k) which to me makes the tank stand out.
I love the color the pink bulbs add. It adds light without adding too much brite. It really gets your plants going, the greens are super green and the reds really stand out. And it makes the tank look really natural to me, not so much artificial like you see sometimes, especially in SW tanks (not to bag on SW, I love them also, but some look so UFO to me)

So IMO, these are the best bet for you
Two of them
or if you have a 20 tall (24" instead of 30")
for $2 less get these

Now you won't really go wrong if you get the other coralife fixture, PC is fine and for your sized tank, it will work just fine.
They even make a PC bulb that is split with 1/2 white and the other half Pink.
I don't know if they sell it in the box or if you have to buy the bulb separate.
But if you do go PC instead, you might consider this one.
The thing about this is it comes with a 1 watt moon light which IMO is a great addition.
It is cool to see the tank lit up dimly at night.

One thing to consider about the Current I pointed you to is that it does ONLY come with a 50/50 bulb, and that is 50/ white and 50/ actinic (blue) which is really ONLY for SW tanks.
The blue is not beneficial to plants at all that anyone can really tell you about.
And that adds cost to the whole thing.

However that is the only option of any listed that comes with a moonlight, so if you like that idea, that is the way to go, of the options you have been linked to that is.

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On the CHEAP, you can go with this. Comes with two PC bulbs AND the moonlight.

Not the best quality, but many do like them, especially Reefers really seem to go for these fixtures.
I think because they make affordable MH lighting fixtures and that really helps when going SW.
Many of the MH light fixtures that Reefers NEED run in the thousands and you can get MH from these guys comparable (in light output, not necessarily quality) for several hundred, and that is where they get love from the SW community.

Anyway, you can get the 1/2 white 1/2 pink bulbs with the fixture for no extra charge if you specify when ordering.

This comes with two bulbs and two switches, so you don't have to run both, and that means you already have your next bulb for when the first one burns out.

Or you could run one for 1/2 your photoperiod and the other for the other half.
This will make the bulbs last twice as long but it will give your tank an effect of getting light from different angles like plants do in nature as the sun passes overhead.
Not a necessary at all or a huge deal, but fun if you want to go that route.
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