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Going Porcelain

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I've been experimenting with a ten gallon Chinese porcelain bowl as a suitable aquarium over the years. I'd had pretty good success using a Fluval cannister set up and a couple of sprigs of anubias barteri The bowl gets about an hour of direct sunlight a day. Things were fine until I started experiencing a series of nitrogen cycle crashes long before I properly understood what cycling actually meant. But, since Jan 4, 21 I've had terrific results using nothing more than a container of old bio media from the old setup and the addition of about 4 lucky bamboo plants (a fifth got water-logged and died.) Just gravel substrate; the curved walls of the bowl direct all fish waste to its center where there is now a thin layer of mulm. The parameters have been stable for nearly six weeks: 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, 15-20 ppm nitrates. Not quite sure how to attach a photo, but I like the conservatory look it lends to my Brooklyn flat. The only Con is that the silica in the porcelain tends to attract diatoms.
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I think you're heading in the wrong direction chasing maximum growth in a low-tech tank.
For maximum growth, grow in emersed or inject CO2.
How long do you think it will take for my plants to start emerging themselves? I wanna do it emerging so they can be in the tank. My crypts are pearling
Grow them out of the water, I mean, but keep the soil and air wet, humid. Growing Crypts emersed is counterproductive though. Works well for stems and carpeting plants.
Do you have any idea how long it would take for a sunlit and 3000 lumen planted tank with stems to reach the surface which is like 6” away? And should I do water changes? I’m doing 2 pumps daily of thrive c (has co2) and like 3 ppm nitrate and other traces. Also should I do a 50/50 mix of tap water and rodi? (The new fridge we got has a fresh rodi filter) I have hard water and I was considering doing it so I can get more nutrients and co2 into the water
I also stuck my bacopa underwater.
It’s like 8 hours with the 3000 lumens light (it’s more like 2000 I’d say because 1 is like 8” one is like 16” and one is 24” above the tank (it’s a lamp)
And from 8 am-noon it gets sun so 12 hours of light
Grow them like terrestrial plants. Not sure how I can communicate this simpler. Soil, plant, air, cover.
I don’t wanna do emersed culture until summer though, it is too cold to do it now.
Hello - Discussion Starter, here. Looks like we've turned into a "How to Transition to Dirt From an Established Tank" all-purpose thread - which is great.

Two weeks into the purchase of a water lily rhizome, it does seem to have stalled out, undoubtedly due to the lack of sunlight as @dwalstad has pointed out. I was hoping it would have sent out a vertical shoot or two by now. But, right now it looks more like a miniature geranium. Mind you, it isn't dying; it just isn't exploding.

My main concern is a rather persistent 0.2ppm ammonia spike that seems to have coincided with several events:

1) the purchase of my sixth danio.
2) the sudden appearance and subsequent wiping clean of a suspected diatom colony.
3) the introduction of a small clump of peat moss packed around the lily rhizome.
4) the use of several root tabs underneath the lily rhizome.

It could be one of the above or all of them in combination that is causing the NH3/NH4 spike. I've already replanted the rhizome once into a pot of pure gravel; the only other step that I have any control over (other than returning one of the fish) is to repot the lily for a second time, but without any artificial fertilizer. How long will the rhizome continue to nourish it all by itself?

The salvinia minima look green and healthy and I should probably double up on them since they only cover about a quarter of the bowl's surface.

I'm actually very excited by all of this as it seems to suggest that the entire ecosystem is at some sort of tipping point as the plants, animals and other living things duke it out over what water conditions will prevail.
Here's a snapshot:
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0.2ppm isn't too bad. Putting a light over the plants should help them soak up the ammonia.
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The same thing is happening in my tank. The microfauna populations are building algae is building but plants are pearling and starting to grow. I’ve gotten 1-2 new segments on my ludwigia and wisteria and new leafs in my crypts and anubias. Also bacopa growth. Should I shut out my window so I can only get less Algae. My lily is also growing. All fish are doing well. One has a raggedy tail and another one just won’t open it’s tail but it’s doing fine. My fish peck at the surface but i don’t think it’s gulping. I’m gonna add some ro soon
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What root tab and how much did you use?
I just added the rodi. How long until I s noticing changes. I added like 2 gallons into like 5 gallons. my tank has like 3” of substrate and then 2” of height away from the rim so it’s like 7 gal and I had 5 when I added new waterl tomorrow or something I might do a 50% wc with a 50/50 rodi so I can get my tds under 200. I can’t measure the tds so I just have to pray I’m not overdoing it. if I just do 50/50 ro tap water it will be under 200 tho
What root tab and how much did you use?
Me? I'm embarrassed to say. Remember the old Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Inc (did they merge into API?) yellow aspirin-sized tablets? They're about a gazillion years old and I just happened to still have a bunch left. I used three.
Me? I'm embarrassed to say. Remember the old Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Inc (did they merge into API?) yellow aspirin-sized tablets? They're about a gazillion years old and I just happened to still have a bunch left. I used three.
And the grade reads : 2-9-13
Api is aquarium pharmicuticals inc
Wait mars owns glofish?
Wait mars owns glofish?
Not that I know of. What makes you say so?
wait HUH it’s owned by spectrum brands and they own Remington gun company, tetra and marine land what the heck
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