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Golden/White Bee Shrimp

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Just thought I'd share a photo of some of my Golden/White Bee Shrimp at feeding time this morning. These guys are very prolific and the young grow a bit faster it seems than CRS or standard Bee Shrimp. There is a lot of variety in color as well from very white to gold white and some half clear gold and white. I would love to get a few of them to come out clear gold colored and may putter a bit with some selective breeding of the clearer ones.

Cheers, Bill
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Very nice...what tank parameters are you keeping them?
I've always liked the all-white coloration, like one on your site. Nonetheless, those are still awesome looking.
Very nice...what tank parameters are you keeping them?
PH 6.4
Temp 72 F.
R/O water

Substrate is Amazonia II, some moss and leaf litter.

Cheers, Bill

Would you consider selling a couple?

I will have some within a few weeks... I have two 20 gallon longs with breeding colonies, but all the young I currently have are still smaller than I like to sell them.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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