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I would prefer to not break this up, what i'm offering:
- A stem of Hydrocotyle leucocephala with no less then 12 nodes, most have been growing on the surface and are huge. I can give a my rooted section if desired as well
- A few stems of Water Sprite
- No less then 10 Stems of Moneri
- No less then 10 Stems of Ludwiga Repens
- At least a cup of Java moss, if not more, my driftwood is looking shaggy.
- Amazon sward 6" leaves, i got it on sale because the LFS was killing it, and it's recovering, only a couple small holes in the leaves, but doing better.
- At least 15 nodes or either marcilia minuta or marsilea quadrifolia both are small, only gotten them to grow 3 leaves on the corner where the sun hits the tank so very intense light.

BONUS: Buyer gets a cutting of a random stem i have no idea what it is, the LFS traded it to me because it was dying there and it's doing pretty well in my tank.

Most cuttings will be no smaller then 7", a lot will be 12 or more, I have a forest that i need to thin asap and my LFS is full. All plants growen with press. CO2, and fert's about 2x a week.

$15 + Shipping. Paypal only.

Will add a picture if desired. Must ship monday or i'll have to dispose of them, i wont cut until sunday!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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