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Newbie here from Portland, OR (Vancouver, WA, actually, but it's just across the river;)). I have been browsing the forums for a few months now, and found this one to be the most informative, well organized, and interesting places for tank groupies. I'm brand new to this, as I have only had one planted tank before. It was a bout a year ago, and was more of a romantic gesture than a real effort. I mourn the loss of the poor plants who sacrificed their lives to my amateurism. :Cry:

Since then, I have acquired a few tanks, perfected my DIY CO2 technique, and am prepared to dive into the world of aquascaping. My first project is a pico 2.5. Pics will be posted in a minute. The rest are as follows:

55 gal, empty (soon to be african cichlid home)
90 gal, african cichlids (to be transferred to the 55 soon. This will be my next canvas. Thinking about a South American cichlid tank with some angels, apistos, and rams. Tips welcome for any show/featured plant suggestions)
30 gal spiny eel and apple snail

I also have a ten gallon I may set up sooner or later. I'm really into the nanos, and would love to see some inspiration pics if anyone wants to share. Nice to meet you all!
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