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Well, I'm going to rescape my 50g(36*18*18 )..but I need your suggestions for the planting. Here's what I'm thinking of-
Cyperus helferi
L. spec. "Plantanal"
L. spec. "Cuba"
H. guianensis or E.stellata? Need a better suggestion
Rotala spec. 'Green'
Myriophyllum mattogrossense v 'green'
Rotala sp. 'pussila'
H. micranthemoides
Hydrothrix gardneri
H. zosterifolia 'narrow leaf'
---Slender piece of driftwood covered with Monosolenium tenerum
Rotala macaranda 'narrow leaf'
Tonina fluviatilis
Glossostigma elatinoides
Lobelia cardinalis "dwarf"
Blyxa japonica "dwarf"
Suggestions? :?

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Thanks, it's going be semi-Dutch...not following all the rules strictly, just the basis. But I'm thinking of putting the Pantanal where the narrow-leaf is and replacing it will Rotala macrandra, maybe Robert's 'Red Cherry', or maybe even L.aquatica? Tell me what you think?

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Here's the basic layout-
1. Cyperus helferi
2. Rotala sp. 'Green'
3. Ludwigia spec. "Cuba"
4. M. mattogrossense v 'green'
5. H. micranthemoides
6. Hydrothrix gardneri
7. H. zosterifolia ‘narrow leaf’
8. Ludwigia spec. “Pantanal”
9. Tonina fluviatilis
On Driftwood- Monosolenium tenerum
Lining Driftwood, Corners- either Lobelia or Blyxa? Which will look better?
Foreground: Glossostigma elatinoides
More suggestions? :)

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Thanks Carlos! Firstly, I'm trying to follow Dutch aquascaping rules, sorry for giving you that impression. What I meant by following the basis, was that the driftwood is to be totally covered, contrast will be of major importance, and having vertical lines. I don't really care for the diagonal lines, but maybe I'll try that. My layout doesn't depict exactly how it's going to be. You told me to give you an image, and I just gave you the basic idea. The driftwood is going to be more to right, leaving more room for the left side(Where the H. zosterifolia, etc. is) Should I group the Rotala 'Green' to effectively lower diagonally(from where it is in the image) to the H.micranthemoides? I believe it will work since they have quite similar leaf shapes? And will grouping all the Rotala 'Green' near the Cyperus, instead of on the sides of Ludwigia be better? But would having the Ludwigia "Cuba" near the Myrio look nice? Maybe by creating a diagonal contrast with the Tonina(light green>dark) to make it level up to the background? It's going to have 196w, so lighting won't be an issue for the Tonina? Sorry for the long post...
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