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My Plants are all grown with no CO2 just root tabs and inert substrate with Medium to High light. All of the plants I have do have snails and bottom leaves could have a little spot algae. Shipping is $7 for Priority mail. The more you buy the more freebies I throw in :)

Mini Willow Moss $5 a golf ball

Cryptocoryne Wendtii Bronze $0.50 per leaf and $10 per mother plant of 30+ leaves

Cryptocoryne Wendtii Green $0.50 per leaf $10 per mother plant of 30+ leaves

Subwassertang $5 a golf ball

Alternanthera Reineckii $2 per 2"-6" stem

Anubias Nana Petite $0.75 per leaf

Anubias Barteri Nana $0.75 per leaf

Bacopa monnieri - Water Hyssop $0.75 per 6"-12" stem

Ludwigia Repens x Ludwigia Arcuata $.050 per 6"-12" stem

Ludwigia suffruticosa - Creeping Ludwigia $3 per 4"-6"stem

Cryptocoryne Crispatula var. Balansae $4ea 6"-12" Plant With Roots

Rotala Indica $0.75 Per Stem

Green Temple $0.75 for 6"-10" Per Stem

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I ordered some Subwassertang, and some Reineckii. The plants arrived promptly, in great condition, in awesome condition, bigger amounts than I expected, and with some beautiful extras. Thank you so much!
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