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Graduation Cash, what to do??

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Well I am graduating from college and I know I will have some cash. There is some equipment that I have yet to aquire in my quest for aquarium success. Some things I would like to get are either upgrades to what I currently have or I dont have at all. First Ill brake down what I have already and the upgrades I would like then ill list some equipment I dont have and would like. Keep in mind that upgrading the size of my tanks is not an option.

Already have and the upgrade

(1) 5lb co2 - upgrade to a 10lb
(2) CO2 reg with no solenoid - upgrade and buy the solenoid
(3) 2x13w AHS and a 2x13w spiral compact over my 10g - upgrade to a 36w AHS

What I dont have and want

(1) RO/DI unit 25gpd-50gpd. Maybe larger is better if I upgrade my tank size later
a. If I get the RO/DI I will add some of those nicer softwater plants
(2) CRS shrimp. Probably S+ - SS. I once had them and failed but now I know my mistakes
(3) Glass double drop checker from GLA

Let me know what you think.
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I definitely like the CO2 soleniods. They take the guess work out of it all. I don't have to worry about gassing my fish or inconsistent CO2 giving me that wonderful algae. I also think I would get my CO2 issues settled before I added more light.

I do love the CRS. They are so nice. They will not live with EI dosing. They are sensitive to ferts. Not sure if that will impact your choices or not. I'm in a quandry myself right now. I either have to change my shrimp tank to low light and slow growers or forget about the CRS. Decisions, decisions.....
I think you have a good plan there. The CRS are so cute!!! They are my favorite shrimp.
Texgal, I dose EI (modified to my needs) and have lots of rcs. Why do you think they don't go together?
It's not the RCS (red cherry shrimp)- its the CRS (crystal red shrimp) - I call them the peppermint shrimp. My cherries do fine. :D
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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