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Gravel fo aquariums

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I was lately searching for suitable( for me...) aquarium gravel, which would serve me as a total substrate, or to cover Turface, which is waiting for it.

In Florida, between Orlando and Daytona Bch. I searched seemingly every store to no avail, so I decided to search for it on the Internet. This led me to producers of water filtration gravel ( - picture + grades table for orientation.

Through Clark Corp., this gravel is sold here by Coast Pump ( several warehouses in the area) in 50 lbs. bags for $10, which seems to be fairly reasonable. The one I purchased, 3/16 x 3/32 grade, is of a predominantly dark grey colour, which in water will be close to black.

I thought some of you might find this information helpful...
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Yup, thanks for the info. Looks similar to pool filter material.

Should work well for an inert substance. I might have to get some for my next tank, it looks quite nice :)
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