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Great customer service from GLA!

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I recently placed an order with GLA for two permaseals. They arrived quickly, however, it appeared that one had a little play between the seal surface and the neck. I paid no attention and tried to install it whereby the sealing surface promptly twisted off with the slightest amount of torque. I installed the other permaseal without issue.

I called GLA and was offered a replacement free of charge with no charge for shipping. I decided to order 20 feet of CO2 tubing to help offset the replacement of the original seal. The gentleman I talked to said he would only charge for the tubing and shipping would be free. True to his word the invoice he sent me reflected only the cost of the tubing.

The package arrived and he included TWO permaseals. Processing and shipping were quick both times.

I highly recommend GLA to anyone after such a spectacular experience on my part.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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