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USDA Plant Database now searchable by State, County, and aquatic plants only

For all of you who have asked what aquatic plants grow in your county, the USDA database is now searchable to the extent that it should give you this information for most US states. I just tried looking up aquatic plants in Oklahoma and it worked great; all the Echinodorus, Ludwigia, Bacopa, etc showed up nicely in the report. To use the database:

1) go to:

2) choose your state (or multiple states with the control key).

3) optionally choose your county (or multiple counties with the control key). If you don't want the entire state, omit step 2.

4) choose "OBL (Obligate Wetland)" for the "National Wetland Indicator Status" and "Regional Wetland Indicator Status" fields.

5) you can also include any information you want to see in the report about the found plants.

6) run the query.

This should settle once and for all any questions people have on what they can find in their home states or counties. This is the best search tool I have found so far for us biotopers.

Don't forget that the best thing you can do is go out and actually look for plants. Bring samples back of anything you see that might be semi-aquatc, and we can worry about IDing them later when you get back to your home.

Steve Pituch
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